14 April 2013

What am I meant to do?

It had been a while since I’ve last blog. I’ve decided to start blogging again as I somehow sort of feel I’ve lost the guts sharing what is a obstacles that I’m facing right now at this point of my life.

By recapping what I’ve have and done so far is beyond what I’ve expected and seriously I don’t feel it is fair for me to complain about what is short in my life now as I have almost everything that I wish of – a very supportive and caring husband that put me on priority 1, have my own house and follow by my dream car, getting closer with my mom and last but not least, a well-paid job that grant my wishes into reality.

I shouldn’t be complaining right? But reality struck because I’ve realised I’m hitting 29 soon and it's time to get serious. At this point I've already have 4 years plus test-drive in my career path , I’ve done some job hopping and I’m very sure, I still haven't find my way. I feel I have to get a stable career so that I can start to get other plan rolling, like to be a parent or should I say a mother…

I think I’m facing a growth dilemma, when your hitting 30’s the romance wears off and the reality of a bad career fit hits like a brick. I’m bleeding badly.

Should I start everything all over again? Ditch my well-paid job and go for something I really enjoy doing it?


Anonymous said...

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Hui Shan said...

I also suddenly feel like wanna restart my blogging day~ but seem like nothing to share..

chin lay, your post really touch me, this is what i actually feeling right now... i have 29 growth dilemma too... feeling nervous of being 30 but nothing is done in my life.. haih..

Chin Lay said...

ya wor...both of us really cannot complain much right..not fair.